Personal health offers consumer-centric healthcare experience, which benefits from tool advancement in telemedicine, point-of-care service, and mobile health. Our lab builds multi-functional molecule detection and cell imaging tools that aim to provide new capabilities in biomedical applications, such as portable device, self-powered implants, and sub-cellular imaging. We seek solutions based on integrating multiple disciplines, such as nanodevice, bioelectronics, and synthetic biology, to gain combined strengths of each individual field. Let us know your interest, suggestions, and comments!

Experiments we conducted in the past: bioelectronics, nanodevice, and cell imaging (from left to right):


I. Portable, multi-functional detection platform: early disease prediction (left)

Applications: genetic test, cancer detection, lab-on-chip.

II. High-content, multi-functional cellular analysis: view, identify, and cure (right)

Applications: cellular dynamics, neuroimaging, disease model.

III. Low-power, multi-functional wearable devices: next-generation personal health monitoring (to appear)

Applications: telemedicine, enviroment sensing, sensors and systems.


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