Our group works on integrated optoelectronics and bioelectronics for high-precision cell interfacing and biosensing. To date, we have demonstrated several lab-on-a-chip technologies, including micro-LED arrays for single-cell optogenetics, photodiode arrays for on-chip cell imaging and biosensing, microelectrode arrays for optogenetic electrophysiology, and FET arrays for all-electrical DNA detection. These pilot studies leveraged our experiences in nanodevices, bioelectronics, cell imaging, and optoelectronics, and will serve as building blocks for next-generation neural interfacing and health monitoring systems. Let us know your interest, suggestions, and comments!


I. Integrated multimodal biosensing platforms: detection, prognosis, and point-of-care

Applications: bedside testing, remote patient monitoring, precision therapeutics

II. Miniaturized high-precision neural interfacing platforms: view, identify, and cure

Applications: multiplexed cellular analysis, single-cell optogenetics, multimodal brain interface

III. Multi-functional optoelectronic probing arrays: subcellular interrogation of muscle dynamics

Applications: regenerative medicine, physical therapy, and kinesiology


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