Ling moves to Qualcomm, John interns at Raytheon (5/27/2017)

Congratulations on the new start!

John's work at ECE Honors Exhibition was well recieved (5/2/2017)

Congratulations on the teamwork by John, Dacheng, Hanna, Hongwei, and Ziqi!

Our dry lab is ready (4/15/2017)

Thanks for the dedication of Dacheng and John in the spring!

Dacheng won First Place in ECE Ph.D Poster Award (4/4/2017)

Congratulations on the teamwork by Dacheng, John, Ling, Letian, and Jose!

Our wet lab is ready (8/29/2016)

Thanks for the dedication of Ling, Jose, and Hanna in the summer!

Ph.D and Postdoc Openings

We have Ph.D and Postdoc positions immediately available.

We seek self-driven Ph.D students and postdoctoral scholars with research interest in bioelectronics, nanodevice, and cell imaging in a highly multidisciplinary research lab. Qualified candidates with solid background in nanofabrication, device engineering, circuit design, applied physics, material science, physical chemistry, molecular biology, cell imaging, and neuroscience are preferred. Excellent candidates not in these areas, however, are also welcome to contact us.

If you are interested in joining us, please email me your CV and research statement, and we could schedule an appointment for possibilities.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Interested in working on bioelectronics, nanodevice, and cell imaging projects? Send us an email to start the conversation! We welcome enthusiastic candidates who have background in, but not limited to, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics, Material Science, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Neuroscience.


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