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Volume 1   No 1
Spring 2001


Amherst Town Classik
The club was out in force for the 9th Annual Amherst Towne Classic.  Ilene Lacey entered the race for the first time.  During the rainy start, she was not very enthusiastic.  But at the food tent after the race, she was a convert.. "When the race started off we were in last place.  But when we turned the corner on Fearing Street and started heading up hill, we started passing people left and right.  I knew then that the hill training had paid off."   Lynelle Russell, Ilene's running companion echoed similar sentiments.  "The hills really paid off.  It makes getting up on Sundays before 7am and running the hill worthwhile when you can pass runners going up the hills during the race."

George Milne, who has been running hills for a couple of  years, ran a personal best for the course, knocking off 55 seconds from his time last year. "The hill training with Nelson really paid off.  We ran the hills faster this year and I was able to keep the pace up the race course hills without having to slow down much.  It also helped that Nelson ran with me during the race, and kept reminding me that hills were what trained on."  Nelson Lacey, who has set a personal record last year, decided to make the run fun while recovering from his Boston Marathon exploits.  "It was interesting to watch the strategy of the top runners from behind for once.  Also, George did a great job running past our competition at the finish.  The hill training gave us the strength for a strong kick at the end of the race.  Next year during the 10th anniversary of the race I'm going all out and will try to win my age group."

Nelson Lacey runs stellar race and qualifies again for Boston Marathon

Nelson Lacey, president of the Amity Hill Running club, ran a sub 3 hr. and 25 minute time at Boston again this year.   Way to go Nelson!

Lacey, who also is a member of the Shuttesbury coffee cake running club, ended up being the fastest finisher of the bunch.  For him, the Amity hills were the added advantage.

"When we approached the heart break hills during Boston, my running mates said they didn't have it that day.  However, I was raring to go.  When I see a hill I want to attack"

And attack he did. Covering the course in 3:22:34.

After charging up the hills and then making past the finish life he started to wobble.  A nurse offered him a wheelchair but he declined.  Noticing a slight up hill along Bolyston Street, he struggled on and started to recover.  

Now that Nelson has completed five marathons, group members are asking, what's next.  He has been rumored to be shooting for an Ultra in a few years.  

Amity Hill Training Reports.

Wednesday morning at 6:30 am continues to be hill training time for George and Nelson.   However, this year they have added a wrinkle to their training regimen.   Instead of starting a rafters and running up and down, they have started at Rao's.   The run down is a good warm up.  "This way all the hills we run are quality hills and at a faster clip," notes Lacey.

After returning up the hill for the third time, the two runners continue through the No pleasant street intersection, to Lessey Street, to Triangle street, and then back to Rao's cafe.  There they meet up with Anrag Sharma, who runs down and occasionally runs a hill, for a morning coffee.  On a rare occasion they have a raspberry oatmeal muffin after an especially strong run.

The Saturday java run is still going strong.  Dennis Hanno has started to pick up the pace and seems to be shooting to enter some races this summer.