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The purpose of the Amity Hill Running Club is for its members to run up and down Amity street, from University Street up to the top of the hill at North Pleasant street.  This round trip of 1.4 miles, if repeated frequently, will aid in the health and fitness of club runners.



This club is not for everyone.  In fact, to qualify for the club, you must be able to run up and down Amity Street twice in a row under the supervision of a club member in good standing.  To maintain membership in the club, runners are required to log in 25 hills a year.

The course shown on the left begins at University Street.  The street acclivity is gradual until the Blue Hills Road road on the right hand side.  From this point on, the runner enters the teeth of the hill.  At Dana street the hill is begins its steepest section to Sunset.  The name suggests one might be through with the run at this point.   However, the uphill continues, although at a declining rate up through Lincoln Street. Hang on.  As you cross Lincoln Ave. you get a slight recovery before the second step of the hill hits you until you pass the Jones Library on your left, 50 yards before you see the infamous, No. Pleasant Street Sign (116). Turn around and head on down!

If you are interested in joining the club, contact a member on the members page.  Benefits from your annual fee include a very cool T-shirt, the ability to earn the prestigious 100 hills award, an annual banquet in December, and improved fitness.

As you will note, we are not the only club in town.  See the following sites for additional running and racing information: SugarLoaf Mt. Athletic Club, Runner's World