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Foreign Affairs

Thomas Friedman
U. S. Must Lead From Within

New York Times (September 6, 2014)

Colombia's Warning for Mexico
Hector Abad
New York Times (February 14, 2014)

Another argument for legalizing
and regulating recreational drugs
for adult consumption.

Africa's Miracle Growth
Alwyn Young
Journal of Political Economy (November 2012)

US Economy

Myths of the 1 Percent: What Puts People at the Top.
New York Times
Jonathan Rothwell
November 17, 2017

Want Geniuses? Welcome Immigrants
Frank Bruni
New York Times
Sunday, September 2017

When Work Disappears: Manufacturing Decline and the Falling
Marriage-Market Value of Men

David Autor, David Dorn, and Gordon Hanson
July 2017

The Economic Effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership:
New Estimates
Peter A. Petri and Michael G. Plummer

Peterson Institute Working Paper (2016)

Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white
non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century

Angus Deaton and Anne Case
PNAS 2015

Unhappy Days for America
Nicholas Lemann
Review of "Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis"
by Robert D. Putnam

New York Times
May 2015

The Nature of Poverty
David Brooks
New York Times

Tyler Cowen
It's Not the Inequality;
It's the Immobility

New York Times
Apri 3, 2015

Presidents and the U.S. Economy:
An Econometric Exploration

Alan Blinder and Mark Watson
Princeton University Working Paper

Women in Academic Science:
A Changing Landscape

Stephen Ceci, Wendy M. Williams et al.
Psychological Science (2014)

Joe Maguire
How Increasing Income Inequality Is Dampening U.S. Economic Growth,
And Possible Ways To Change The Tide

Standard & Poor (August 5, 2014)

What Explains the 2007-2008 Drop in Employment?
Atif Mian and Amir Sufi

National Bureau of Economic Research (2014)

Stephanie Coontz
The New Instability

New York Times (July 26 2014)

Immigration, Search, and Redistribution: A
Quantitative Assessment of Native Welfare

Michele Battisti, Gabriel Felbermayr, Giovanni Peri,
and Panu Poutvaara (2014)

James Heckman and Tim Kautz,
Fostering and Measuring Skills: Interventions That
Improve Character and Cognition

University of Chicato Working Paper (2013)

David Leonhardt
A Cockeyed Optimist
New York Times Book Review (December 18, 2013)

Review of Angus Deaton
The Great Escape:
Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality
Princetion University Press, 2013

Intergenerational Mobility in the US
and Great Britain since 1850
Xie and Killewald
American Economic Review 103,5 (2013)

Has Intergenerational Mobility in the US
Really Declined?

Taxes and the Economy: An Economic Analysis
of the Top Tax Rates Since 1945

Thomas L. Hungerford
Congressional Research Service
September 2012

Most Important Political Development In Decades
US On Track to be World's Top Oil Producer

Associated Press (October 2012)

Political Philosophy

Two Roads for the New French Right
Mark Lilla
New York Review of Books
December 20, 2018

Where is the Love
Nicholas Kristof

New York Times (November 27, 2013)

We're Living the Dream;
We Just Don't Realize It

Steven Johnson
CNN (November 4, 2012)

Atlas Spurned
Political Analysis of Ann Rand and
Modern Conservatism

New York Times (August 15, 2012)

Why Our Elites Stink
David Brooks
New York Times (July 12, 2012)

Social Theory

How the Menís League for Womenís Suffrage helped win voting rights in
New York

New York Times
November 5, 2018

Popularity as a Poor Proxy for Utility
The Case of Implicit Prejudice

Gregory Mitchell and Philip E. Tetlock

Explaining nationalist political views: The case of Donald Trump
Jonathan Rothwell (2016)

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations for Tax Compliance:
Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany

Nadja Dwenger, Henrik Kleven, Imran Rasul,
and Johannes Rincke
American Economic Journal 2016

Resisting Moral Wiggle Room:
How Robust Is Reciprocal Behavior?
J. J. van der Weele, Julija Kulisa, Michael Kosfeld,
and Guido Friebel

American Economics Journal (2014)

Time Preferences and Criminal Behavior
David Akerlund et al.
IZA Discussion Paper (2014)

Criminals Tend to Have Short Time Horizons

Theme issue 'Human niche construction'
Jeremy R. Kendal, Jamshid J. Tehrani and John Odling-Smee (eds),
Phil. Trans. Royal Society B (March 27,2011)

Oxytocin and Ingroup Loyalties
New York Times (January 10, 2011)

Strong Reciprocity in Action
New York Times (December 24, 2010)

Conditional Cooperation and Costly Monitoring Explain Success
in Forest Commons Management

Devesh Rustagi, Stefanie Engel, and Michael Kosfeld
Science 12 November 2010

Cooperation and the Commons
Bjorn Vollan and Elinor Ostrom,
Science, November 2010

Are Student Samples Biased in Favor of Other-regarding Preferences?
Armin Falk, Stephan Meier, and Christian Zehnder

Preference Reversals:
The Impact of Truth-revealing Monetary Incentives

Joyce Berg, John Dickhaut, and Thomas Rietz
Games and Economic Behavior (2010)

On the Conjunction Fallacy in Probability Judgement
New Experimental Evidence Regarding Linda

Gary Charness, Edi Karni, and Dan Levin
Games and Economic Behavior (2010)

The Emergence and Persistence of Inequality in Premodern Societies
Samuel Bowles, Eric Alden Smith, and Monique Borgerhoff Mulder
Current Anthropology (2010)

Review of Brian Skyrms
The Stag Hunt and the Evolution of Social Structure

Herbert Gintis Amazon Reviews
December 2009

Gigerenzer's Risk School
Can the General Public Learn to Evaluate Risks Accurately?
Nature (October 2009)

Tim Clutton-Brock
Cooperation Between Non-kin in Animal Societies
Nature (October 2009)

Global Darwin
The Reception of Darwinism in England and Russia
Nature (November 2009)

The Myth of Language Universals
Evans and Levinson, (BBS 2009)

Indirect Reciprocity and Generosity Toward Strangers
Ule, Schram, Riedl, and Cason,
Science (December 2009)

Peer-Induced Fairness in Games
Ho and Su
American Economic Review (2009)

Gregory S. Paul
Social Health and Religiousity II

The Chronic Dependence of Popular Religiosity
upon Dysfunctional Psychosociological Conditions
Evolutionary Psychology (2009)

Immigration, Crime and Justice
Matthe T. Lee and Ramiro Martinez, Jr.

Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance

Anti-Social Punishment across Societies
Benedikt Herrmann, Christian Thoni and Simon Gachter
Science (2008)

Schaller and Murray
Pathogens, Personality, and Culture

Personal and Social Psychology (2008)

Pathogen Prevalence and Individualism/Collectivism
Proceedings of the Royal Society B (2008)

Gregory S. Paul
Social Health and Religiousity

Cross-National Correlations of Quantifiable Societal Health
with Popular Religiosity and Secularism in the Prosperous Democracies
Journal of Religion and Society (2005)

Kevin Hoover
Mirowski's Screed: A Review of Philip Mirowski's
More Heat than Light

Methodus (June 1991)


Corporate irresponsibility over GMOs
Michael Gerson

Washington Post
May 14, 2015

How I Got Converted to GMO Foods
Mark Lynas
New York Times
April 2015

A New Theory of the Universe
Robert Lanza
The American Scholar (2014)
Biocentrism Builds on Quantum Physics

by Putting Life in the Equation

Who's Afraid of Peer Review?
John Bohannan
Science (4 October 2013)

154 of 304 Open Access Journals
Accept Spoof Paper Refuted by
High School Knowledge of Chemistry

Statisticians Predict Election Results
Pundit Blowhards Strike Out

Greg Mayer
(November 26, 2012)

Personal Finance

Basic Investment Advice for the Small Investor
Herbert Gintis

Jeff Sommer
Measure for Measure,
Index Funds Rule

New York Times
April 5, 2015

How Many Mutual Funds Routinely Rout the Market? Zero
Jeff Sommer

New York Times
March 15, 2015

The Career Paths of Mutual Fund Managers:
The Role of Merit
Gary E. Porter and Jack W. Trifts

Financial Analysts Journal (2014)

Financial Literacy: Theory and Evidence
Annamaria Lusardi and Olivia S. Mitchell

Journal of Economic Literature (2014)

Does Past Performance Matter?
The Persistence Scorecard

Dow Jones Indices
Aye M. Soe and Frank Luo

Picking Winners: Investment Consultants
Recommendations of Fund Managers
Tim Jenkinson, Howard Jones, and Vicente Martinez
Social Science Research Council

Investment consultants have added no value
to securities investment decisions. (2013)

Asset Management Fees and the Growth of Finance
Journal of Economic Perspectives 2013
Bernard Malkiel (Princeton University)

This is the most important investment advice
you will ever receive!

The Market for Financial Advice:
An Audit Study
Sendhil Mullainathan, Markus Noeth
and Antoinette Schoar

Working Paper 17929

Behavior of Individual Stock Investors
Investors who buy and hold do much better than
investors who continually buy and sell

Facebook Liberation Tactics
Foreign Policy (2011)

Luck vs. Skill in Mutual Fund Industry
Eugene Fama and Kenneth French
Journal of Finance


The Effects of New Orleans School Reforms
Douglas Harris and Matthew Larsen
Education Research Alliance

How Effective Is Your School District? A New
Measure Shows Where Students Learn the Most

New York Times
December 2017

Predicting real-world outcomes: Critical thinking ability is a better
predictor of life decisions than intelligence

Heather A. Butle et al.
Thinking Skills and Creativity

What Can We Learn from Charter School
Journal of Economic Perspectives

Julia Chabrier, Sarah Cohodes, and
Philip Oreopoulos (2016)

The Importance of School Systems:
Evidence from International Differences
in Student Achievement

Ludger Woessmann
Journal of Economic Perspectives

James Heckman, Rodrigo Pinto, and Peter Savelyev
Understanding the Mechanisms Through Which
an Influential Early Childhood Program
Boosted Adult Outcomes

Authoritative Statement of the Importance
of Education in Improving Childrens' Life
Chances through Character Development (2013)

Thomas Sewell
August 2013

Educational Excellence Calls for
More than Lip Service (2013)

T. E. Mofitt et al.
PNAS 108 (2011)

Childhood self-control predicts adult
health, wealth, parenting ability,
credit rating, and life satisfaction

NBER Large-scale study of teacher effectiveness
Good teachers make a large difference on student
academic performance and future life success.

National Bureau of Economic Research (2011)

What Matters more Than Parental Income, Education and Occupation?
Berkeley Journal of Economic Policy (November 2010)

Economic Policy

Work, Skill, Community:
Restoring Opportunity for the Working Class

Brookings Institution
American Enterprise Institute

Yur Questions About Climate Change
Justin Gillis
New York Times
September 2017

Don't Break Up the Banks. They're Not Our Real Problem
Steve Eisman
New York Times
February 6, 2016

The Distributional Preferences of an Elite
Science (2015)

Why Middle-Class Rhetoric Makes for Great
Politics but Terrible Policy

Michael Kinsley
Vanity Fair
August 2015

Fracking and the Franciscans
David Brooks

New York Times
June 23, 2015

The Real Problem with America's Inner Cities
Orlando Patterson

New York Times
May 9, 2015

The Eects of Exposure to Better Neighborhoods on Children:
New Evidence from the Moving to Opportunity Experiment

Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, and Lawrence F. Katz
NBER 2015

Good Governance Powers Innovation
Nature 19 February 2015
Alina Mungio-Pippidi

Corruption is a major barrier to
scientific innovation

Joke's on them: Title: Bribing your way into Yale is a
waste of money Description: Faye Flam

March 19 2019

Where is the Land of Opportunity?
The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the United States

Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, Patrick Kline, and
Emmanuel Saez

Why Democratic Socialism Does Not Work
Outline of Main Problems
with a Democratic Socialist Economy (2014)

Wayward Sons: The Emerging Gender Gap in Labor Markets
and Education

David Autor and Melanie Wasserman (2013)

Christoph Lakner and Branko Milanovic
Global Income Distribution:
From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to the Great Recession

The World Bank
Development Research Group (December 2013)

David H. Autor, David Dorn, and Gordon H. Hanson
The China Syndrome: Local Labor Market
Effects of Import Competition in the United States

IZA Discussion Paper No. 7150
January 2013

Books on Economics for Serious Beginners:
Very Introductory Readings

Herbert Gintis
February 2013

Stability of General Equilibrium
PowerPoint Lecture
Herbert Gintis
November 2012

Stability and Fragility in Financial Markets:
Where do we Go from Here?

PowerPoint Lecture
Herbert Gintis
November 2012

A Brief Introduction to the Theory of Welfare-Improving State
Intervention into Competitive Markets

Herbert Gintis
June 2012

Jonatan Ben-Shalom, Robert A. Moffitt, John Karl Scholz
An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Anti-Poverty Programs
in the United States

NBER Working Paper (May 2011)

The Economic Crisis is a Crisis of Economic Theory
Alan Kirman 2010

Looting: The Economic Underworld of Bankruptcy for Profit
George A. Akerlof and Paul M. Romer
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (1993)


Uing Nature to Understand Nurture
Phillip Koellinger and K. Piage Haren

January 2018

Free Speech Personified
Peter Salovey
Presient, Yale University

New York Times
November 2017

Small Media, Big Impact
Matthew Gentzkow
Science, 2017

Journey to Gunland
Melinda Wenner Moyer
Scientific American

Accuracy of Forecasts in Strategic Intelligence
David Mandel and Alan Barnes
PNAS (2014)

Read it and Weep, Black Swan

The (True) Legacy of Two Really
Existing Economic Systems
Dan Ariely et al. (2014)

East German Communism Fostered an
Ethic of Personal Dishonesty

A Call for Help
What the Kitty Genovese story really means
Nicholas Lemann
The NewYorker (March 10, 2014)

Blasting the myth of public apathy
surrounding the murder of Kitty Genovese

Changing Social Norm Compliance With
Noninvasive Brain Stimulation
C. C. Ruff, G. Ugazio, and Ernst Fehr
Science October 2013

Locating the Part of the Brain that
Recognizes Social Norms

Impulse Control and Underlying Functions of the Left
DLPFC Mediate Age-Related and Age-Independent Individual
Differences in Strategic Social Behavior

Nikolaus Steinbeius, Boris C. Bernhardt, and Tania Singer
Neuron 2012

The Changing Face of Economics:
Conversations with Cutting Edge Economists
Chapter 3: Herbert Gintis

Colander, Holt, and Rosser (2004)


How We Tamed Ourselves and Became Modern
Ann Gibbons
Science (October 2014)