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Behavioral Sciences

Sociological Theory

Theory of the Firm



The Evolution of Altruistic Punishment
with Robert Boyd, Samuel Bowles, and Peter Richerson

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Vol 100 No. 6, 2003

Cooperation can Evolve With
or Without Group Selection
with Samuel Bowles

Theoretical Primatology (2003)

Altruistic Reciprocity
Handbook on the Economics of Reciprocity
   and the Social Enterprise

(Edward Elgar 2013)

Inclusive Fitness and the Sociobiology of the Genome
November 2013
Forthcoming, Biology and Philosophy

The Evolutionary Roots of Human Hyper-Cognition
Journal of Bioeconomics, 2012

Zoon Politicon:
The Evolutionary Roots of Human Sociopolitical Systems
with Carel van Schaik

in Peter J. Richerson and Morten H. Christiansen (eds.)
Cultural Evolution
MIT Press, 2013

The Social Structure of Cooperation and Punishment
with Ernst Fehr

Behavioral and Brain Sciences 35,1 (2012)28--29

Strengthening Strong Reciprocity
with Kuiying Deng and Tianguag Chu

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Gene-Culture Coevolution and the Nature of Human Sociality
Special Issue on Human Niche Construction of the
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

Punishment and Cooperation
Science (7 March 2008)

Strong Reciprocity and the Roots of Human Morality
with Joseph Henrich, Samuel Bowles, Robert Boyd, and Ernst Fehr
Social Justice Research, October 2007

The Evolution of Private Property
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (2007)

Strong Reciprocity and Human Sociality
Journal of Theoretical Biology (2000)

Costly Signaling and Cooperation
[with Eric Alden Smith and Samuel Bowles]
Journal of Theoretical Biology (2001)

Strong Reciprocity and Team Production: Theory and Evidence
[with Samuel Bowles, Jeff Carpenter, and Sung-ha Hwang]

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2009)

Adapting Minds and Evolutionary Psychology
Journal of Bioeconomics (2006)

The Origins of Human Cooperation
[with Samuel Bowles]
in Genetic and Cultural Evolution of Cooperation
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[with Joseph Henrich, Robert Boyd, Samuel Bowles,
Colin Camerer, Ernst Fehr, and Richard McElreath]
American Economic Review (2001)

'Economic Man' in Cross-cultural Perspective:
Ethnography and Experiments from 15 Small-scale Societies

[with Joseph Henrich, Robert Boyd, Samuel Bowles,
Colin Camerer, Ernst Fehr, Richard McElreath, Michael Alvard,
Abigail Barr, Jean Ensminger, Kim Hill, Francisco Gil-White,
Michael Gurven, Frank Marlowe, John Q. Patton, Natalie Smith,
and David Tracer]
Behavioral and Brain Science (2005)

Solving The Puzzle of Prosociality
Rationality and Society (2003)

Explaining Altruistic Behavior in Humans
[with Samuel Bowles, Robert Boyd, and Ernst Fehr]
Evolution & Human Behavior (2003)

Social Policy

Why Schumpeter Got it Wrong in Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy
January 1991

The Moral Economic of Community:
Structured Populations and the Evolution
of Prosocial Norms

with Samuel Bowles
Evolution and Human Behavior (1998)

Social Capital and Community Governance
with Samuel Bowles
Economic Journal 112,483 (2002)

Intergenerational Inequality
[with Samuel Bowles]
Journal of Economic Perspectives (2002)

Personality, Behavior and Earnings
[with Samuel Bowles and Melissa Osborne]
American Economic Review (2001)

The Determinants of Individual Earnings:
Skills, Preferences, and Schooling

[with Samuel Bowles and Melissa Osborne]
Journal of Economic Literature (2001)

The Inheritance of Economic Status: Education, Class and Genetics
[with Samuel Bowles]
Marcus Feldman, ed. Genetics, Behavior and Society,
a volume in Neil Smelser and Paul Baltes, eds.,
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Reciprocity and the Welfare State
[with Samuel Bowles and Christina Fong]

in Herbert Gintis, Samuel Bowles, Robert Boyd, and Ernst Fehr
Moral Sentiments and Material Interests (2005)

Wealth Inequality, Wealth Constraints, and Economic Performance
[with Samuel Bowles and Pranab Bardhan]
Handbook of Income Distribution
François Bourguignon and Anthony Atkinson, eds. (2000)

General Equilibrium Theory

The Stochastic Stability of General Equilibrium
with Antoine Mandel
Forthcoming, Journal of Mathematical Economics

The Dynamics of Walrasian General Equilibrium:
Theory and Application

with Antoine Mandel
Complexity Economics, 2013

The Stability of Walrasian General Equilibrium
Under a Replicator Dynamic

with Antoine Mandel
Under Submission, February 2014

Markov Processes and Social Exchange: Theory and

ACM Transactions in Intelligent Systems and Technology, July, 2013

The Dynamics of Pure Market Exchange
in Complexity and Institutions:
Markets, Norms, and Corporations

Masahiko Aoki, Kenneth Binmore, Simon Deakin, and Herbert Gintis eds.)
Palgrave Macmillan 2012

The Dynamics of General Equilibrium
Economic Journal, October 2007

The Emergence of a Price System from Decentralized Bilateral Exchange
B. E. Journal of Theoretical Economics 6,1,13 (2006)

Review of Eric D. Beinhocker, "The Origin of Wealth: Evolution,
Complexity, and the Radical Remaking of Economics"
Harvard Business School Press, 2006.

Herbert Gintis
Journal of Economic Literature
December 2006

Theory of the Firm

Financial Markets and the Political Structure of the Enterprise
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 11 (1989):311--322.

Behavioral and Evolutionary Game Theory

The Future of Behavioral Game Theory
Reply to Binmore: Social Norms or Social Preferences?

Behavioral Ethics
Edward Slingerland and Mark Collard (eds),
Integrating Science and the Humanities: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Experimental Economics Will Foster a Renaissance of Economic Theory
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2010)

Blaming the Messenger:
Notes on the Current State of Experimental Economics

with Catherine Eckel
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Subgame Perfection in Evolutionary Dynamics with Recurrent Mutations
with Ross Cressman and Thijs Ruijgrok
in J. Barkley Rosser (ed.), Handbook of Research on Complexity
Edward Elgar (2009)

Behavioral Game Theory and Contemporary Economic Theory
Analyse & Kritik (2005)

Beyond Homo Economicus: Evidence From Experimental Economics
Ecological Economics (2000)

Unification of the Behavioral Sciences

Video Lecture:

Five Principles for the Unification
   of the Behavioral Sciences

Five Principles for the Unification
   of the Behavioral Sciences

Final chapter of Herbert Gintis The Bounds of Reason
   Princeton University Press (2009)

A Framework for the Integration of the Behavioral Sciences
(with Open Commentaries and Author's Response)
Behavioral and Brain Sciences (2006)

Economic Theory

The Crisis of Liberal Democratic Capitalism
with Samuel Bowles

Politics & Society (1982)

Some Pathologies of Common Knowledge
Under Submission

Hayek's Contribution to a Reconstruction of Economic Theory
Hayek and Behavioral Economics
Macmillan, Palgrave (2013)

Bayesian Rationality, Social Epistemology, and the Choreographer
paper presented at the Rational Choice Seminar,
Department of Economics, University of Chicago

Social Norms as Choreography
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (2010)

The Local Best Response Criterion:
An Epistemic Approach to Equilibrium Refinement

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2009)

Bayesian Rationality and Common Knowledge
Rationality and Society August, 2010

Modeling Cooperation with Self-Regarding Agents

Persistent Parochialism: Trust and Exclusion in Ethnic Networks
[with Samuel Bowles]
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2004)

Walrasian Economics in Retrospect
[with Samuel Bowles]
Quarterly Journal of Economics (2000)

The Nature of the Labor Exchange and the Theory of Capitalist Production
Review of Radical Political Economics (1976)

A Radical Analysis of Welfare Economics and Individual Development
Quarterly Journal of Economics (1972)

Structure and Practice in the Labor Theory of Value
with Samuel Bowles
of Radical Political Economics (1981)

Political Theory

Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis
Contested Exchange: New Microfoundations
for the Political Economy of Capitalism

Politics & Society
18:2 (1990)

with Samuel Bowles,
The New Palgrave (2006)

Corporate Honesty-A Behavioral Model
with Rakesh Khurana (2006)

Behavioral Ethics Meets Natural Justice
Politics, Philosophy and Economics (2006)

Homo Economicus and Zoon Politikon:
Behavioral Game Theory and Political Behavior

with Samuel Bowles,
Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis (2008)

The Evolutionary Basis of Collective Action
with Samuel Bowles
Oxford Handbook of Political Economy (2008)

Sociological Theory

Homo Socialis: An Analytical Core for Sociological Theory
with Dirk Helbing
Forthcoming, Review of Behavioral Economics
October, 2013

Video Lecture:
Sociology: An Analytical Core

ETH Zurich (2013)

Sociology: An Analytical Core
July, 2013

Human Nature and Social Cooperation
with Ernst Fehr,
Annual Review of Sociology (2007)


Understanding Social Networks:
Comments on Dunbar and Baumard
Cliodynamics 2,3 (2012)

The Bounds of Reason: Preface to the Japanese Edition

Interview with the Phi Beta Kappa Society

Schooling in Capitalist America Revisited
[with Samuel Bowles]
Sociology of Education (2002)


Review of Mark Pagel
Wired for Culture: Origins of the Human Social Mind

The Quarterly Review of Biology

Clash of the Titans: A Review of Edward O. Wilson,
The Social Conquest of Earth

BioScience 2012

Rationality and its Discontents
Review of Ken Binmore, Rational Decisions
The Economic Journal (2010)

Animal Spirits or Complex Dynamics:
A Review of Akerlof and Shiller,
Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives
the Economy and Why it Matters

Journal of Economic Psychology