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Gardenshare is a registered student organization at the University of Massachusetts. It allows students to practice sustainable argriculture and organic farming methods on a little less then an acre plot of land located on Tillson Rd in Amherst. The official measurements are .8943479742480888 acres, which equals 3619.297572 meters square or 389041.3687918628 square feet. We grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Check us out!

Our next meeting will be next Thursday 3/9 at 6:30 in the Cape Cod Lounge.
Garden is also a 1 credit pass/fail course, PLNTSOIL 298G, instructed by John Gerber.

Do you have old gardening equipment rusting in the yard and growing weeds? Perhaps you should check out our wishlist, a list of things that we need for our garden and cannot afford.