Newport Style Queen Anne Highboy

I built this highboy a few years ago to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from college.  She had taken an apartment in Boston and needed some furniture.  I thought this would be a useful piece of furniture for her as well as an extreme test of my woodworking skills. 

This highboy differs in some minor ways from the classic examples built in Newport or Salem.  Since my daughter’s apartment was on the third floor of a building with no elevator, I felt that it might be better to use a lighter material than the traditional cherry or mahogany.  So I used eighth inch luan plywood.  Also, since what my daughter needed was mainly closet space, I did not think that a whole lot of graduated drawers would have been ideal.  So I substituted a single dowel on which she could hang her clothes. 

Some of the old highboys are not painted white, as this one is.  My daughter preferred the lighter finish since it would match the walls in her apartment.  I had no objection to that since the plywood would probably not finish out like mahogany anyway. 

They say that the Queen Anne Highboy is often a furniture builder’s crowning achievement, but in this case I feel that it marks just another step in my development as a master craftsman.


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