Hall Table

I built this table as a wedding present for Julie Petty and Dave Reading. Julie specifically requested certain dimensions. She wanted the table to fit into a spot by the front door of her house. So the table was built to her specifications. The table is very plain. The only ornamentation is the raised banding around the drawers.

The table is made of cherry, which I got at Forest Products. I spent a lot of time working on the drawers. I wanted to be sure they would slide smoothly. There was an article in Fine Woodworking that explained how to make them. I tried to follow their advice and the drawers turned out OK, I think. I turned the knobs myself.

The finish is a very dark so-called antique cherry stain. It looks almost like mahogany. I think the photograph is not very good. It makes the finish look much darker and blotchier than it actually is.




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