Jenn Air Stainless Steel Refrigerator


Several of our friends have stainless steel "professional style" stoves and refrigerators. My wife was stuck with an old-fashioned merely "amateur style" model. I knew she was unhappy with it. I decided to get her a Jenn Air stainless steel refrigerator for Christmas. When I checked the prices, I was shocked. After giving it some further thought, I decided to build one for her. I built this stainless steel Jenn Air refrigerator on Christmas Eve, 2004. I used a model shown in the Jenn Air website as my guide. The entire refrigerator is carved out of a single block of cherry (aside from the door handles, which are pine).

She seemed really pleased when she opened her package under the tree. She might have been a little disappointed when she discovered that the interior of the refrigerator is solid wood. It is about ten inches high.


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