Mantel and Fireplace Surround

When we purchased our house in Leyden, one of the fireplaces had neither hearth nor mantel.  The fireplace was surrounded by unpainted sheetrock, and the wooden floorboards went right into the fireplace. I surmise that the whole wall had been demolished in order to rebuild the chimney.  That would explain the lack of a mantel.  I have no explanation for the fact that the wooden floor went right into the fireplace!

I cut out a section of floor in front of the fireplace and (with the help of a friend) installed a solid stone hearth.  I then got some old boards salvaged from the kitchen renovations.  I stripped the paint from those boards and constructed the fireplace surround and mantel.  The design is based on the design of the fireplace in the dining room.

The dark brown shiny object in the fireplace is a woodstove.  It's a cold house.  I need some heat in my study.



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