Coffee Tables

When we bought our old house in Leverett, I found a whole pile of old floorboards in the cellar. Hard southern yellow pine, I was told. Not at all like Eastern White Pine. Anyway, I removed them from the cellar and stacked them more carefully in the attic of the garage, where they would be dry. I thought I might be able to use them to reconstruct the original floor. Unfortunately, there were not enough boards to rebuild the floor. As a result, these boards remained unused for about twenty-five years. When we moved to Leyden, I took the boards.

Then I had the idea of making a pair of coffee tables to be used in the ballroom. I thought that the old floorboards would be ideal for the project. So that is the wood from which these tables are made (aside from the legs, which are cherry).

Each table-top is made of six boards. They are glued up with biscuits.



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