1936 Chevrolet low roof cab half-ton pickup


My neighbor in Moore's Corner Dewey Carey owned this truck. When he had it, it was in rough shape. I kept telling him it could be a really beautiful truck if only he would restore it. He was fully capable, since he ran his own bodyshop and was very skilled at automotive bodywork. For some reason that I never understood, he had no interest in restoring the truck. Finally he offered to sell it to me. I took it instantly. I then had the bodywork and painting done -- not by Dewey, since he didn't want to work on this project. I located various missing bits and pieces during a period of about five years. I used the truck to get hay for our ponies and to go to the dump on Saturday mornings in good weather. It won a couple of honorable mentions at a local antique truck rally. It was impossible to run the truck in rain or cold weather. Eventually, a certain member of my family began to complain that there was something unfair about the situation in which I had two trucks and two motorcycles clogging up the garage, and her car had to sit out in the rain and snow. So I sold the truck. This was perhaps one of the biggest vehicular mistakes of my life.


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