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  Fields of Concentration

Empirical Industrial Organization, Public Policy, Applied Econometrics

  Published & Accepted Papers

  1. The Impact of Soda Taxes on Consumer Welfare: Implications of Storability and Taste Heterogeneity, RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 46(2) (2015), pp. 409-441. PDF
    • Previously titled, "Estimating the Distributional Impact of Taxes on Storable Goods: A Dynamic Demand Model with Random Coefficients."
  2. The Evolution of Nutritional Quality: Evidence from the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Industry, with Christoph Bauner and Christian Rojas, Economics Letters, Vol. 133 (2015), pp. 105-108. PDF
  3. Heterogeneous Behavior, Obesity and Storability in the Demand for Soft Drinks, with Francesca Colantuoni and Christian Rojas, the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2016), doi: 10.1093/ajae/aaw048. PDF
    • Featured in the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Press Release. LINK
  4. The Impact of Mandatory Trans Fat Labeling on Product Mix and Consumer Choice: A Longitudinal Analysis of the U.S. Market for Margarine and Spreads, with Julie Caswell and Hongli Wei, Food Policy, Vol. 64 (2016), pp. 63-81. PDF
  5. Demand for "Healthy" Products: False Claims and FTC Regulation, with Anita Rao, Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming. PDF
    • Invited Talk Given in the Federal Trade Commission, March 30th, 2017. 

  Papers under Review

  1. Couponing Strategies in a Competition Between National Brand and Private Label Food Product, with Christoph Bauner, Ted Jaenicke, and Ping-Chao Wu, Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Retailing. PDF
  2. Strategic Reactions to Wholesale Club Presence: Implications of Storability on Retailers' Pricing and Assortment Decisions, with Christoph Bauner. PDF
  3. Do Taxes for Soda and Sugary Drinks Work? Scanner Data Evidence from Berkeley and Washington, with Christian Rojas. PDF

  Working Papers

  1. The Effect of a More Accurate Cost-of-Living Index on Welfare Recipients. PDF

  Works in Progress

  1. Obesity, Myopia & Self Control: Evidence from Food Purchase Data, with Ying Bao, Ted Jaenicke, and Matthew Osborne.
  2. Welfare Analysis of Trans Fat Ban: the Microwaveable Popcorn Market, with Debi Mohapatra, and Nadia Streletskaya.
  3. A Dynamic Demand Model of Storable Goods with Persistent Brand Preferences, with Christoph Bauner.
  4. Obesity, Health Conditions, and Food Purchases, with Ted Jaenicke, Nitin Mehta, & Matthew Osborne

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