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  Fields of Concentration

Empirical Industrial Organization, Public Policy, Applied Econometrics

  Published & Accepted Papers

  1. The Impact of Soda Taxes on Consumer Welfare: Implications of Storability and Taste Heterogeneity, RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 46(2) (2015), pp. 409-441. PDF
    • Previously titled, "Estimating the Distributional Impact of Taxes on Storable Goods: A Dynamic Demand Model with Random Coefficients."
  2. The Evolution of Nutritional Quality: Evidence from the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Industry, with Christoph Bauner and Christian Rojas, Economics Letters, Vol. 133 (2015), pp. 105-108. PDF
  3. Heterogeneous Behavior, Obesity and Storability in the Demand for Soft Drinks, with Francesca Colantuoni and Christian Rojas, the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2016), doi: 10.1093/ajae/aaw048. PDF
    • Featured in the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Press Release. LINK
  4. The Impact of Mandatory Trans Fat Labeling on Product Mix and Consumer Choice: A Longitudinal Analysis of the U.S. Market for Margarine and Spreads, with Julie Caswell and Hongli Wei, Food Policy, Vol. 64 (2016), pp. 63-81. PDF
  5. Demand for "Healthy" Products: False Claims and FTC Regulation, with Anita Rao, Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming. PDF

  Papers under Review

  1. Strategic Reactions to Wholesale Club Presence: Implications of Storability on Retailers' Pricing and Assortment Decisions, with Christoph Bauner. PDF

  Working Papers

  1. The Effect of a More Accurate Cost-of-Living Index on Welfare Recipients. PDF
  2. A Dynamic Demand Model of Storable Goods with Persistent Brand Preferences, with Christoph Bauner.

  Works in Progress

  1. Welfare Analysis of Trans Fat Ban: the Microwaveable Popcorn Market, with Debi Mohapatra, Nadia Streletskaya and Hongli Wei.
  2. Obesity, Health Conditions, and Food Purchases, with Ted Jaenicke, Nitin Mehta, & Matthew Osborne

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