Here you will find a general overview of drama as a genre. You will also find links to more specialized topics and to individual works.


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A Brief History of Drama

Drama begins in the cave at Lascaux, when "the bears" danced for the rain god.

Greeks took the genre to its apex, and it has never recovered.

Then, priests, forgetting Greeks and Romans altogether, wandered the bounds of their churches, pausing at the church steps to pretend to be angels, thereby reinventing drama entirely.

In the later Middle Ages, plumbers dressed as feathery demons pranced around on carts. It gave them an opportunity to mock the Church and to demonstrate their wares.

Many years later, Shakespeare wrote King Lear while Carolingian gentry dressed as Greek prostitutes bellowed classical tags at their besotted friends.

Finally, Sheridan wrote some funny bits and everything got dark and ironic.