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Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) was a friend and drinking companion of William Shakespeare, friend to Thomas Nashe, and roommate of Thomas Kyd. He was educated at King's Canterbury and at Cambridge University on a prestigious scholarship. While a student, he translated Ovid and Lucan for publication. He may have also been a spy. He wrote plays, poems, and Latin verse. In 1593, Marlowe was killed during a fight over a food bill, having stabbed his dining companion twice in the head.

Marlowe is known especialy for his plays. In 1587, he made his London debut with Tamburlaine the Great. It was so successful that he wrote a sequel. In 1592, his play The Jew of Malta was produced. Dr. Faustus was written around 1592, but printed for the first time in 1604 in London.