Authors: Caedmon


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Caedmon was a lay brother of the monastery at Whitby during the Anglo-Saxon period (c. 450 – c. 1066). His story is told by St. Bede, a monk of Wearmouth and Jarrow. Bede tells it in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People (Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum), written around the year 735.

The hymn is reported by Bede in Latin. Later readers of Bede wrote the hymn in Old English in the margins of the manuscripts. Several different versions exist. The hymn was included in the Old English translation of Bede made by King Alfred's circle in the ninth century (IV, xxv).

The hymn is the margin of a manuscript of Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum.

Many works were ascribed to Caedmon in the nineteenth century, but there is absolutely no evidence that Caedmon wrote any of them.


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