Authors I – P

Here you will find the authors covered in 201 and 202. Each is linked to a individual page, from which you can access his/her biography in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. You can also link to the author's works and to additional resources.

James Rex (King James VI of Scotland)

Johnson, Samuel

Jones, William

Jonson, Ben

Julian of Norwich

Keats, John

Kempe, Margery

Landon, Letitia Elizabeth

Langland, William

Lanyer, Amelia

Lovelace, Richard

Lydgate, John

Malory, Thomas

Mandeville, John

Marie de France

Marlowe, Christopher

Marprelate, Martin

Marvell, Andrew

Mary Regina (see Stuart, Mary Queen of Scots)

Milton, John

Montagu, Mary Wortley

More, Thomas

Pepys, Samuel

Philips, Katherine

Polidori, John William

Pope, Alexander

Prince, Mary