Authors A – H

Here you will find the authors covered in 201 and 202. Each is linked to a individual page, from which you can access his/her biography in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. You can also link to the author's works and to additional resources.

Addison, Joseph

Aelfric of Eynsham

Alfred, King


Askew, Anne

Astell, Mary

Aubrey, John

Austen, Jane

Bacon, Francis

Baillie, Joanna

Barbauld, Anna Laetitia

Beddoes, Thomas


Behn, Aphra


Blake, William

Boswell, James

Bunyan, John

Burney, Frances

Burns, Robert

Byron (George Gordon)


Campion, Thomas

Carew, Thomas

Cary, Elizabeth (Viscountess Falkland)

Cavendish, Margaret

Chaucer, Geoffrey

Clare, John

Clifford, Anne

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Collins, William

Corbett, Richard

Cowley, Abraham

Cowper, William

Crabbe, George

Cranmer, Thomas

Crashaw, Richard

Cristall, Anne Batten


Daniel, Samuel

Davies, John (Sir)

Davies, John (of Hereford)

Defoe, Daniel

De Quincy, Thomas (see Q)

Donne, John

D'Orleans, Charles

Drayton, Michael

Dryden, John

Dunbar, William

Edgeworth, Maria

Elyot, Thomas

Elizabeth Regina (Queen Elizabeth I)

Equiano, Olaudah (aka Gustavus Vassa)

Finch, Anne

Foxe, John


Gay, John

Geoffrey of Monmouth


Goldsmith, Oliver

Gower, John

Gray, Thomas

Grey, Jane

Haywood, Eliza

Hazlitt, William

Hemans, Felicia

Henryson, Robert

Herbert, George

Herbert, Mary Sidney

Herrick, Robert

Hobbes, Thomas

Hoccleve, Thomas

Hogg, James

Holland, Richard

Hooker, Richard

Howard, Henry (Earl of Surrey)