Elisabeth M. Hamin


Climate Change Publications

Planning at the Century Scale: Climate Change Weak and Strong ACSP 2011, Envision Tract, EM Hamin and Y Nasser

Preparing for Climate Change at the Local Level: Challenges and Opportunities, SNEAPA Presentation 2011, EM Hamin and A Mesquita

Adaptation and Mitigation, EM Hamin and N Gurran

Sea Change Report, N Gurran and EM Hamin

Working paper on Adaptation and Green Infrastructure, EM Hamin


Climate Change Projects

Coming soon: "UN-Habitat Climate Change training module on Planning for Climate Change," part of the UN-Habitat Cities and Climate Initiative.


Pedagogy Publications

The Pedagogy of Climate Change Planning, ASCP 2010, EM Hamin


Smart Growth Publications

Green Infrastructure Toolkit, with 495/MetroWest Partnership and Studio students, fall 2008

Rural Regionalism, EM Hamin and DJ Marcucci

Implementing Growth Management, EM Hamin, M Steere, W Sweetser

Reading (Conservation Subdivision) Plans, EM Hamin

Evaluating Open Space Subdivisions, EM Hamin


Wildfire Publications

Wildfires, Communities, and Agencies: Stakeholders' Perceptions of Postfire Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation, RL Ryan and EM Hamin