Karl Martz, Philip Kan Gotanda, and Totaro Sakuma
at Sakuma's studio in Mashiko, Japan.
Taken during Karl's sabbatical in 1971-72. Photographer unknown; possibly Hiroshi Seto (1941-1994).

Sakuma (1900-1976), mentored by Japanese Living National Treasure Shoji Hamada (1894-1977), was one of the 20th century's leading Mashiko potters in the Mingei (folk) tradition. More.. Some of Karl's works in the Mashiko Mingei tradition are linked below.

Gotanda became a noted Japanese-American playwright and film maker. He studied ceramics briefly with Sakuma in the early 1970's. See philipkangotanda.com and Gotanda page at Tufts University.

Works by Karl Martz in the Mashiko Mingei tradition: