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Shughni is an endangered Pamir language spoken in Tajikistan.       


Ethnologue entry for Shughni          Wikipedia entry for Shughni


This page contains Shughni language information, student papers and audio samples collected in the spring term of 2007

in connection with Ling 404, an undergraduate field methods course at the University of Massachusetts,

under the direction of Ellen Woolford.


Our Preliminary Descriptions of Aspects of Shughni Grammar:


Shughni Vowels and Consonants (Compiled by James Arno)


Shughni Dictionary (Compiled by Tea Mancino)


Shughni Word Order (Compiled by Sarah Occhino)


The Particle Um (Compiled by Ginny Anderson)


Shughni Verbs and Tense (Compiled by Mayumi Oiwa)


Wh-Words and Questions in Shughni (Compiled by Sarah R. Watsky)


Shughni Binding (Compiled by Greg Griffith)


Pronoun Forms and Case in Shughni (Compiled by Lisa Steventon)



Double click on the link below to hear a

Shughni Language Audio Sample:  summary recording of the examples we elicited in one class


 (additional sound files previously available are now unavailable at the moment due to a server crash)




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To use the Voice Walker on a Shughni sound file, open the file in the voice walker,

by clicking on and opening the file as you would with a word processor.