In a world replete with uneven repercussions of globalization, contemporary anthropology explores and exposes the importance of power, inequality and social justice. My work probes the interplay among nationalism, gender, class, race and ethnicity in the context of population politics in Italy, where women in the 1990s reached record-low fertility rates and where reproductive practices have provoked urgent political debate. To breathe life into this quiet revolution, I blend literary and social science genres with the hope of illuminating hidden histories.

My interests in reproductive politics have evolved into three connected research areas:

• cultural politics and critical population studies
• historical anthropology and social memory
• ethnography and writing culture

Active Research Projects as of 2008-09:

"Rationality and Reproduction: The Curious Case of the Unplanned Baby"

"Manufacturing Memory: Flexible Families, Globalization and Crisis in an Italian Regional Economy"

"2020 Vision: Transforming Pima County for its Youth," collaboration with Voices for Education

Here's my Curriculum Vitae (PDF 228 KB) updated in November 2008.

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