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Photograph of the Pocumtuck Valley, Deerfield, MA

Pocumtuck Valley, Deerifield MA (Photo by Michael Volmar)

2011 Archaeological Field School

June 28-July 30, 2011 (Tuesday-Saturday; 8:15 am-5 pm)
6 credits, $417/credit

The 2011 UMass Amherst Archaeological Field School will be investigating a 17th century Native American site in Deerfield, Massachusetts, as part of an on-going community-based archaeology and stewardship project. The site we will investigate is believed to be a fortified place of the Pocumtuck people, referred to as the “Pocumtuck Fort.”

The five-week field school will include intensive training in:

  • New England Native American history

  • archaeological survey techniques (including a variety of remote sensing applications) & excavation

  • laboratory methods & artifact analysis

  • archaeological interpretation

  • other sources of evidence integral to interpretations of the past, such as geology, oral history, and written records, and

  • public education programming with our partner, Historic Deerfield, Inc.

Admission is based on the field school application, a current transcript, and a statement of interest. For questions contact the Field School Director, Siobhan M. Hart.

Admission is based on the Field School application, a current transcript, and a statement of interest. All application materials must be received by April 15. Applicants will be notified of selection by May 1, at which point each applicant should send a letter/email of commitment to retain their place in the program. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Excavation techniques and access to the archaeological site require students to be in good physical condition.

Click here for the Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin listing.

Click here for an application.

To enroll: UMass Division of Continuing and Professional Education.



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