PSYC201B;  Quantitative Methods in Psychology



                                                                  Class:                     TuTh  2:00-3:50     Room:        1507 Mandler


Professor:  David Huber                            Office Hours:          F 10-12                 Office:        5137 McGill    

E-mail:                                                                               Phone:        882-1630        



Cory Rieth                                                  Office Hours:          M 2-4                    Office:        b590 Mandler 

E-mail:                                                                      Phone:        534-6261






Hays, W. L. (1994). Statistics. (5th Ed.). Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, Beaumont, CA.



Course Description:


Psyc201B is the second quarter of graduate statistics for experimental psychology. This class will cover the quantitative fundamentals that underlie hypothesis testing, with an emphasis on probability theory, measurement, and distributional assumptions. The goal is to avoid “cookbook” solutions to problems and instead provide the mathematical background and skills to tackle a variety of problems. Matlab, SPSS, and Xcel will be used as representative statistical software and instruction will be provided in the use of these programs. Course requirements include weekly problem sets, two exams, and three class presentations. Each class will consist of 1 hour of lecturing from the book and 1 hour of student presentations or software instruction.