NACS728Y / PSYC798C  Introduction to Cognitive Science


                                                           Class:                  TuTh  10:00-12:00      Room:        BPS 1112


ProfessorDavid Huber                     Office:        BPS 1145B                 

E-mail:            Phone:       405-7251        


Course Description:

This course surveys the basic topics of human cognition from a broad-based perspective, integrating across various approaches in various disciplines. Besides topics in traditional cognitive psychology (perception, memory, decision, etc.), we will cover a range of approaches (mathematics, neuroscience, philosophy, etc.), and topics in other departments (linguistics, kinesiology, computer science, etc.). Each week will address a different topic, with one class period devoted to background material, presented by students, and the other class period led by a guest lecturer who has expertise in the week’s topic.