David E. Huber

      2013- U of Massachusetts, Amherst: Department of Psychology

Associate Professor

      2009-2013 U of California, San Diego: Department of Psychology

Assistant Professor

      2006-2008 U of California, San Diego: Department of Psychology

      2003-2005 U of Maryland : Dept of Psychology and Neuroscience and Cognitive Science 

Postdoctoral Research

      1999-2003 U of Colorado : Dept of Psychology and Institute of Cognitive Science
Doctorate: 2000 - Indiana University : Cognitive Science and Cognitive Psychology

Bachelor of Arts 1991 - Williams College : Dept of Psychology and Dept of Physics

My research focuses on human perception and memory from a broad-based, computational perspective. To shed light on these basic cognitive processes, we find converging evidence from behavioral studies and neurophysiological measures in combination with neural network and Bayesian modeling. Ongoing research topics include recognition/recall memory, testing effects, metamemory, letter/word perception, face perception, semantics, and social cognition.

Cognitive Experiments, Models, and Neuroscience Lab

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Software and demos

TopoToolbox (Tian, Poeppel, & Huber, 2011)

ROUSE Matlab routines (Huber, et al., 2001)

SDRM Matlab routine (Jang, Wallsten, & Huber, 2012)

Integration/Separation demo (Huber, 2014)


Quantitative Methods (PSYC201B) 

Cognitive Science (NACS728Y) 

Intro to Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH315H)

Graduate Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH617)

Research Methods (PSYC111)

Mathematical Models (PSYCH891)

Performance Paradigms (PSYC272) 

Bayesian Statistics (PSYC272)


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Position: Professor

Office:  425 Tobin Hall

Office Phone: (413) 545-1559

Fax: (413) 545-0996



Mailing Address:

David E. Huber

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Tobin Hall

135 Hicks Way

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Amherst, MA 01003