Dale A. Callaham

Senior Microscopist

Department: Research Services, Central Microscopy Facility
Voice Phone Number: (413) 545-3751
E-mail Address: dac@research.umass.edu  
Microscopy Facility Home Page: http://www.bio.umass.edu/microscopy

Campus Postal Address:
Central Microscopy Facility
Morrill 4 North, Room 1
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003


  • Light Bulb Pirani Vacuum Gage
  • Iontophoretic Injector Designs
  • ImageThief Passive Image Capture for SEM (or other Slow-Scan video)
  • The 1-Hour Backyard Brick Oven
  • Shaving Horse and Shaker-style Oval Boxes, Toad Hall Logo (1974), Real Frogs
  • Aerial View of Home (1998) - Before taking down the Aeropower Systems SL1500 and 100' tower.
  • "Bluebird protection: the Snake_B_Gone
  • Tractor project - FergusonTO-20
  • Beer making things
  • Stainless Steel Lauter Tun