Claire Moore-Cantwell
claire dot moore-cantwell at yale dot edu
301 Dow Hall
CV: (pdf)


Department of Linguistics, Yale

Research interests:

I study how exceptionful or probabilistic generalizations over linguistic objects are learned, and how they are represented in the adult linguistic system. I am especially interested in phonological patterns that exhibit variation across rather than within lexical items (for example, English stress). I am also interested in exploring how probabilistic generalizations are used in production and perception, and how and if they can be updated online.

I am also interested in prosodic structure, both at the level of the word, and of the sentence. I am particularly interested in the process of planning and implementing prosodic structure during sentence production. At the word level, I am interested in modeling prosodic structure in the framework of Harmonic Serialism.

This semester (Fall 2015), I am teaching Language and Computation I, as well as a seminar on models of phonological variation. Please email me if you'd like further information about either course.


I have a github page, where you can find software and R scripts related to my projects


2016. The representation of probabilistic phonological patterns: Neurological, behavioral, and computational evidence from the English stress system. Doctoral dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst. ( full text)
2015. The phonological grammar is probabilistic: New evidence pitting abstract representation against analogy. Paper presented at the 2015 Annual Meeting on Phonology, Vancouver. 9-11 October ( Project page )
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2014. Claire Moore-Cantwell and Lisa Sanders. Two types of implicit knowledge of probabilistic phonotactics. Poster presented at the 22nd Manchester Phonology Meeting, and LabPhon 14. (Project page)
2014. Claire Moore-Cantwell and Robert Staubs. Modeling Morphological Subgeneralizations. Proceedings of the 2013 meeting on Phonology. Edited by John Kingston, Claire Moore-Cantwell, Joe Pater and Robert Staubs. Linguistic Society of America, Washington, DC. (Project page)
2013. Syntactic Probability Influences Duration: Production of prosodic boundaries in clefted structures (Most recently:) Paper presented at the Workshop on explicit and implicit prosody in sentence processing, UMass Amherst. 30-31 May (Project page)
2011. Bruce Hayes and Claire Moore-Cantwell.Gerard Manley Hopkins's sprung rhythm: corpus study and stochatic grammar. Phonology 28:235–282. (Project page)
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