Who we are

Principal Investigator


Dr. Charli Carpenter
Assistant Professor of Political Science
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Homepage: http://www.people.umass.edu/charli
Email: charli.carpenter@gmail.com



Senior Personnel

Dr. Richard Rogers
Head of New Media
Director, Govcom.org
University of Amsterdam
Homepage: http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/r.a.rogers/
Email: R.A.Rogers@uva.nl


Dr. James Ron
Associate Professor of International Affairs
Carleton University
Homepage: http://http-server.carleton.ca/~jron/
Email: jron@connect.carleton.ca


Dr. Stuart Shulman

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Director, Qualitative Data Analysis Program-UMass
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Homepage: http://people.umass.edu/stu/
Email: stu@polsci.umass.edu

Graduate Student Researchers

Kyle Brownlie
Phase Two Project Manager, QDAP-UMass
PhD Candidate, Political Science

Email: kbrownli@polsci.umass.edu




Anna Tomaskovic-Devey
Research Assistant, QDAP-UMass
MPPA MBA candidate 2011

Email: annatomaskovicdevey@gmail.com




Sirin Duygulu
Research Assistant, QDAP-UMass
PhD Candidate, Political Science

Email: sirinduygulu@gmail.com




Nate deVelder
Lab Manager, QDAP-UMass
MS Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Email: ndevelder@engin.umass.edu




Betcy Jose-Thota
Phase One Project Manager, QDAP
PhD Student, International Affairs
Homepage: http://www.pitt.edu/~charli/networks/betcy.html
Email: betcyjt@gmail.com

Ilke Ercan
Phase Two Project Manager, QDAP-UMass
PhD Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Homepage: http://people.umass.edu/iercan
Email: iercan@ecs.umass.edu



Peace Medie
PhD Candidate, International Affairs
Homepage: http://www.pitt.edu/~charli/networks/peace.html
Email: pem16+@pitt.edu





Undergraduate Student Researchers
  • Nick Losso
  • Megan Boesch
  • Emily Jacobs
  • Olivia Faulkner
  • Solomon Heifets
  • Gabrielle Griffis
  • Brian Quadrozzi
  • Kendell Stanley
  • Meghan Foran
  • Clement Hsu
  • Tracy Garlington



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