Disease Prediction and Prevention lab

Professor Chaitra Gopalappa, PhD

Industrial Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

About: Diseases - is one threat that is common to all human beings across the globe and across generations. Prediction of diseases is a tough problem because it is the outcome of a complex dynamical system that consists of interactions between multiple factors related to epidemiological, social, economical, environmental, population mobility, demographics, and individual behavioral and lifestye. Disease prevention and intervention decisions, and subsequently resource allocation, at the national and global levels thus need to be based on evaluations of the impact of alternative decisions under this complex dynamical context. Our lab works on development of new methodologies and computational models for simulating the dynamics of disease incidence and spread for purposes of disease prediction, prevention, and control.

OPEN POSITIONS: Graduate students interested in working in this lab can contact Professor Gopalappa: chaitrag(at)umass(dot)edu

A hypothetical model to demonstrate the spread of a disease, in the absence of interventions, based on hypothetical travel patterns ; Darker the shade of red earlier the place got infected.