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Dean Cardasis, FASLA
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(in books)

Dean, Angela. Green by Design. Callis Smith Publishing. 2005. p. 122-129. Detailed coverage of the “Pader Residence.”

Cooper, Paul. The New Tech Garden. Mitchell Beazley. 2001. p. 55, 76-79. Detailed coverage of the "Plastic Garden."

Richardson, Tim. The Garden Book. Phaidon Press. 2000. p.91. International illustrated and annotated bibliography of 500 garden designers in the history of the profession.

Simo, Melanie. One Hundred Years of Landscape Architecture. American Society of Landscape Architects. ASLA Press. 1999. p.310-311. (One of only eighty projects representing the entire history of the profession in the "definitive" book on landscape architecture published by the ASLA in honor of its centennial.)

Truelove, James, ed. The New American Garden. Space Maker Press. 1998. p.28-32. Includes the "Plastic Garden."

Conran, Terrance and Peterson, Dan, ed. The Essential Garden Book. Three Rivers Press. 1998. p.92. Includes "Durfee Gardens."

Crandell, Gina and Landecker, Heidi, ed. Designed Landscape Forum. Spacemaker Press. 1998. p. 21, 40, 142. Includes "Durfee Gardens" and Koncki-Gifford Garden.

Moorehead, Steve, ed. Landscape Architecture. Rockport Press. 1997. p.36-41; 148-151. (One of twenty-eight landscape architects profiled.) Includes four Projects: "Durfee Gardens," "A Plastic Garden," "A Kettle Hole Garden" and "A Strolling Garden;" as well as one of three introductory essays.

Cooper, Guy and Gordon Taylor. Paradise Transformed: The Private Garden in the Twenty-First Century. Monacelli Press. 1996. p.90-93. (0ne of twenty seven landscape architects profiled. Includes "A Plastic Garden.")

(in periodicals, selected)

Bishop, Deborah. “The Garden State.” Dwell. October, 2006. 145-152.

Lippincott, James. “Landscapes of Dean Cardasis.” Land + Living. May, 2004.

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“A Plastic Garden.” Landscape Architecture Magazine. April, 1995: 90.Morton Rachael.

“Durfee in the Pink.” Massachusetts Magazine, Vol. 6.Winter, 1995: 25-27

“Espalier at Amherst.” Landscape Architecture Magazine. May, 1994: 23.

“A Garden is a Sculpture One Moves Through.” &. Winter, 1993.

(in film)

Brown, Lynn Kosek. Gardens Great and Small. NJN Public Television. First aired July 14 and 18, 1998 on New Jersey Public Television. Many subsequent airings. (Narrator for description of James Rose Center and Rehabilitation Project; one of eleven gardens profiled.)

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