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Sunderland Veterans’ Memorial and Park


Sunderland Veterans’ Memorial and Park

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he Sunderland Veterans Memorial and Park design was selected in a national competition drawing entrants from around the United States.

he winning design called for the construction of an inscribed circle of earth and native stone into which a wedge of highly polished granite (containing the names of local veterans from each of the nation’s armed conflicts throughout its history) would be incised.

s one approaches the park, the surface of the granite both reveals the names and reflects the circular form of the space ahead.

tanding beside the polished wall, the names of veterans recede into reflections of the viewers.

nside, visitors may sit and contemplate on benches set within a series of stone niches constructed from Sugarloaf Arkose, the bedrock stone underlying the community.

t may be said that in the experience of these reflections and forms each visitor to the Sunderland Veterans Memorial and Park completes the circle linking him or her to those who have served.

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