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small house in the woods was purchased because of its proximity to a walk through conservation land that led to a nearby stream. Pictured is the leftover space resulting from septic tank and leach field installation, separating the house from the woodland path.

he plan was to connect the path through the woods to the interior living spaces of the house by extending the woodland path directly to the kitchen and dining room; and to create off that path a series of descending geomorphic terraces for quiet contemplation and play.

he upper terrace is a deck that is on grade with the adjacent kitchen and dining room. Here one can see its nature as a prospect overlooking the lowermost terrace, now a well-defined glade which captures light above the leach field.

he middle terrace as viewed from the prospect is tucked into existing and transplanted pine seedlings, providing additional space in which to lounge or read along the walk to the woodland stream.

he gentle sounds and reflective qualities of water are brought directly to the garden’s terraces, foreshadowing the walk’s conclusion at the woodland stream. Edged with recycled blackboards from a nearby school’s demolition, the pools are a subtle expression of the client’s profession as a school administrator.

simple gravel path abstracts the woodland experience as it links the garden spaces.

t moves the clients around the shifting terraces and beside the garden pools to the woodland path, in a continuously changing perspective.

he Strolling Garden has received a Merit Award for residential design from the Boston Society of Landscape Architects and been published in the book, Landscape Architecture by Stephen Moorehead (1997).

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