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s viewed from the bedroom balcony, an ancient kettle hole has been modified for contemporary use into a series of three descending garden terraces.

oth the house and the garden were carefully sited between trees on the slope and those in the kettle hole basin.

ntering the garden from the front can be equally inviting in the spring when the glade appears a welcoming green carpet…

r in the summer when the kettle hole becomes a cool oasis…

r in autumn when falling leaves reveal more subtle distinctions in the landscape.

he selective removal of vegetation within the kettle hole allows for the expression of the sun passing over it.

he existing red maple emerging from the deck creates a leafy ceiling over it and helps to integrate this space with its woodland context.

he thyme garden was designed to be a useful terraced space, edged with a broad, low cedar bench.

he subtle relation between the existing forest and the new garden is expressed as trees appear to be entering the lawn over the rectangular stone edging that borders it. The kettle hole basin has been transformed into a place where garden and woodland meet.

he Kettle Hole Garden has received an Honor Award for residential design from the Boston Society of Landscape Architects and has been published in several periodicals and books, including the book, Landscape Architecture by Stephen Moorehead (1997).

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