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hether viewed from inside the building or from a discrete gateway, the space is the subject. It provides a touchstone to imagine and invites contemplation on that which defines it.

artlett Court is more than a space to contemplate. Carved into the earth it is a space into which one descends and within which one may come to rest on low retaining walls or basalt boulders.

ock fragments and assembled blocks of basalt tumble through the traditional New England walls onto the excavated peastone terrace, suggesting a moment frozen in place and weaving an original expression of retaining wall.

ithin the space one is invited to closely examine numerous expressions of the character of the region’s indigenous volcanic rocks; as well as to recognize affinities between rocks and plants…and people.

ther combinations of native stones reveal the beauty of their patterns and colors while bringing to light evidence of the region’s underlying geologic processes.

ogether earth, rocks and plants create a space for special occasions; as well as to celebrate what is special in everyday campus life.

ecognizing the similarities between designing this tiny courtyard and composing an Elizabethan sonnet, the poet, Stanley Koehler, wrote this sonnet in tribute. "Is it the space that summons…"

n 1998 Bartlett Court received a Boston Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award in the category of Landscape Art and Earth Sculpture.

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