some works that were at
the Burnett Gallery in December 2006

Jones Library
Amherst, Massachusetts

December 2 - 29, 2006

Paper weaving involves cutting one image into strips (vertical or horizontal) and making slits in the opposite orientation in the base image. The strips are then woven into the base image; I generally follow a simple "tweed" pattern of over-one, under-one, but variations are possible.

Kimball House  
the Robert Frost Trail
on Roaring Mountain,
in August 2004
view from Long Mountain
toward Mt. Norwottuck
and Mt. Tom, in May
dawn over Long Mountain,
from Rattlesnake Knob
dawn over Long Mountain,
from Rattlesnake Knob
dawn from Rattlesnake Knob,
north to Mt. Toby
north from Rattlesnake Knob,
into the fog
Dawn on a foggy morning
from Rattlesnake Knob
Dawn over UMass
and Mt Toby
from Rattlesnake Knob
Maples on Mt. Pollux,
Dawn in December
Beech, Rock, Snow