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Did I miss you?

Please let me know if I missed acknowledging your help.

And, if you want to support Alzheimer's research and this trip, there are many ways to participate.



april 14, 2011: Thank you to Tim and Julie and the Cure Alzheimer's Fund for your support and inspiration. I am well aware that running across the country does nothing in itself to unravel the causes of Alzheimer's disease. Yet, the prospect of raising money and awareness for the strategic and heartfelt work of Cure Alzheimer's Fund makes it all worth it. Thank you!

april 10, 2011: Thank you Steve and Laura for setting me up with the Spot Satellite Messenger system, so anyone can know exactly how slowly I am traveling--real time (on the Route page). If only it made up excuses, too...

april 6, 2011: Thank you Nick and Joan of Portland, OR for your offer to help me get pointed in the right direction at the start (and getting me off of a too-busy road for my first couple days). It is especially gratifying to connect with dear friends of dear friends.

april 4, 2011: Thank you to my wonderful colleagues at UMass Amherst for accommodating my two-plus month leave with generosity and support. My work and the relationships it brings mean a lot to me. I feel doubly privleged to have had such meaningful work for the last 25 years and for the opportunity to take a break from it to pursue something the means a lot to me. Special thanks to Eileen, Julie, Bernie, Donna, and Marc.

february 25, 2011: Thank you to Katie from Cure Alzheimer's Fund, for your enthusiasm and support, and for affirming that I have found the right partner in Cure Alzheimer's Fund. Good luck to you!