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Can you improve my route?

  1. Please either send me suggestions or comments by email, or
  2. Modify route in Google Maps and send me an updated link.

Do you live along the route?

  1. I'd like to hear your story;
  2. I'd enjoy having running company;
  3. I'd welcome a backyard/couch and a shower.


My route

Click here to see my route in Google Maps.

Meet with me

If you live along my route, I would enjoy meeting you for a run, to hear your Alzheimer's story, or to camp in your backyard and use your shower. You can contact me at Thanks!

Improve my route

If you are familiar with any parts of the route, I would welcome and appreciate any suggestions you might have. You can either change the route in Google Maps (see here for demonstration) and send me an updated link, or you can send suggestions or comments by email ( Thanks for any help!

Tracking progress

Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, I have a tracking device that will display my real-time progress in the box below, once I get started. You can also click here to track progress in a new window.

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Best guess schedule:

state entry date
Oregon 19-May
Idaho 5-Jun
Wyoming 13-Jun
South Dakota 24-Jun
Minnesota 3-Jul
Wisconsin 7-Jul
Illinois 14-Jul
Indiana 16-Jul
Michigan 17-Jul
Ohio 22-Jul
Pennsylvania 26-Jul
New York 2-Aug
Connecticut 4-Aug
Rhode Island 7-Aug