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Not about me...

It seems there is something inherently egocentric about running across the country, and I feel uneasy about this.

The idea of running across the country is exciting to me--the challenge of managing my aging body, a singular focus in a era of being torn in so many ways, the opportunity to see new places and meet new people, the time and space to reflect, likely to be fueled by some intense physical and emotional challenges--these things are part of my personal journey that I embrace.

However, these rewards would be available if this run were not publicized. My primary motivation is to do something about an awful disease, and I have neither skills nor money to do much on my own. But I must do something. I am trusting that through this run I can encourage others to do something, too. On this page are some suggestions. Email me if you have other ideas.

This run is not about me, as much as my focus will be on me. It is about coming together as a community of people who want to end the suffering from Alzheimer's once and for all. Please join me.


Many ways to participate.

Please donate.

Please make a donation to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund, in any amount. Click on this link to see how to contribute.

Share with social media.

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Collect pledges or create your own event.

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Join me for a run.

One of my greatest joys from running is the very special conversations while running with others, whether dear old friends or new acquaintances. When I close my eyes and imagine a magical cross country run, it includes meeting and running with many, many people. If you live near the route, send me an email as I approach. (Oh, and a little secret--I'm more than happy to walk for a stretch!)

Alzheimer's stories.

As I run across the country, I want to hear your stories. If you live along theĀ route, please contact me. I would feel honored. I also hope you will consider telling part of your story on the public AlzStories blog so others can know the impacts of Alzheimer's disease.

For more information on sharing your stories, click here.


I am running with a jog stroller to haul minimalist camping gear, but my body stopped liking sleeping on the ground about 25 years ago. I'd welcome a couch and a shower, if you live along the route. If you don't have a couch, a backyard for my tent would be great, too. If you are any significant distance off route, I'm afraid I would need to be picked up and dropped off from the route. Please send me an email if this is a possibility.

Route planning.

My route was designed by computers algorithms with only a few tweaks by me. Surely it can be improved by people who know the roads and regions. If you are one of these people and you like route planning, I would love your assistance. Please click on the route link here for more.

Just say hi.

I don't only want to meet runners of course. If I am passing through your area, please stop me and say hi. I would love the opportunity to visit, and I am probably ready for a break. We might be able to walk for stretch, if that appeals to. Send me an email as I approach.

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