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How can you share your story?

  1. Contact us to meet Glenn along his route.
  2. Email us a short testimonial from your Alzheimer's story that we will add to the AlzStories blog below.


Share your Alzheimer's Story

The numbers are staggering: 5.3 million Americans with Alzheimer's disease, 11 million unpaid caregivers, costs estimated at $172 billion per year. Yet the true cost of Alzheimer's is only revealed through the stories of families and friends affected by this disease.

As I run across the country, I want to hear your stories. If you live along the route, please contact me at if you are interested in speaking with me as I pass through. I would feel honored.

Also, you can share your story through the AlzStories blog below. Nothing is more powerful than your voice and your story. Please consider writing down a small part of your Alzheimer's story that you would be willing to share with others, so that we all can better understand the many faces of Alzheimer's disease. Email your story or any questions you have to Your email should include contact information (name, town, and email address is fine), but we are happy to publish your story without your name if you prefer.

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