3122B Campbell Hall | brianwsmith "at" ucla.edu
Brian W. Smith, Linguist

Brian W. Smith, Linguist


Welcome! I'm a phonologist and lecturer at the UCLA Department of Linguistics.

My work focuses on the phonology-morphology interface, especially phonologically-conditioned allomorphy and ineffability. I also work on models of phonological variation, metrical stress, and French and English phonology. You can read more about my past and ongoing research here.

All of the materials for my current classes are distributed through CCLE.

What's new

Office hours for Fall 2015: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 10AM-11AM, and by appointment. Stop on by!

My office has moved! Come visit me one office over in Campbell 3122B, which features windows and oversized desk.

I presented a poster about the English indefinite article and allomorphy at MFM23. It can be downloaded here: bws_mfm_23.pdf.


I went to graduate school at UMass Amherst, where I defended my dissertation in August 2014. My dissertation is about phonologically-conditioned allomorphy in Maximum Entropy Harmonic Grammar. It was advised by Joe Pater.

As an undergraduate, I attended Rutgers University, where I majored in French and Linguistics. My French is a bit rouillé.

I come from South Jersey, specifically the Jersey Shore, where people say things like "jimmies", "shoobies", "hoagies", and "water ice". I've written a little something about my variety of English: Brian's English.

My non-academic interests are all drawn from the set of quaint, old-fashioned things people like to do in New England: contra dancing, Sacred Harp singing, knitting and fiber arts.