UMASS Amherst: Energy Metabolism Laboratory

Lab Director: Barry Braun, Ph.D. 

Lab Medical Advisor: Stuart Chipkin, M.D.



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     Energy Metabolism Mission Statement: 



The goal of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory is "Metabolic Rehabilitation". To that end, 

we are working on ways to optimize the design of an exercise "drug" to enhance metabolic 

health, irrespective of body composition.  


Regular exercise improves cardiometabolic health and reduces risk for chronic disease. Habitual 
physical activity requires regular applications of individual exercise bouts.  Each individual bout can be 

viewed as a drug, meaning; when taken at a sufficient dose, exercise has effects on 
metabolic health that peak and then diminish over time, requiring a subsequent dose to maintain the 

beneficial effects. In this context, each individual dose of exercise becomes important.  

Tailoring the intensity, duration,  nutritional environment and interactions with other medications to 

achieve the maximal benefit will likely have the biggest impact on metabolic health. To optimally 
use exercise to minimize insulin resistance and prevent/manage Type-2 diabetes, we hope to:

1.  Better understand the mechanism by which exercise benefits metabolic health

2.  Work out the dose-response relationship between the intensity/duration/frequency of exercise 

and benefits to metabolic health

3.  Determine how exercise interacts with energy balance, dietary macronutrients, and pharmacologic 

agents that also impact metabolic health.


Here is a recent talk NEACSM 2009.pdf that summarizes much of our work in the past 4 years.

This is a link to some of our most recent papers (Sharoff et al. Amer. J. Physiol. 2010), (Hagobian and Braun, Exer. Sport Sci. Rev. 2010), (Hasson, Freedson and Braun Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 2009), (Hagobian et al. Amer. J. Physiol. 2009).

Current Research Studies

The Amherst Area

Subjects are still needed for the following studies:


Combined Exercise Training and Metformin for Metabolic Rehabilitation

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30 Eastman Lane

Room 3, Energy Metabolism Lab

Phone: 413-545-0331



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