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1. Review of BIOSTATS 540
2. Discrete Distributions

3. Introduction to Nonparametrics

4. Categorical Data Analysis

5. Normal Theory Regression
6. Analysis of Variance

7. Logistic Regression
8. Introduction to Survival Analysis
9. (Time permitting) Introduction to Mixed Models




Scroll down for (1) BIOSTATS 640 Spring 2021 Administrative (2) Software Downloads (3) Software Tutorials (4) Probability Distribution Calculators (5) Other Useful Resources

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(1) BIOSTATS 640 Spring 2021 - Administrative
AY 2020-2021 University of Massachusetts Academic Calendar (html)
HOME PAGE for School of Public Health at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst (html)
HOME PAGE for Blended Master's in Public Health Program/Worcester Campus (html)

(2) Software Downloads
R Users
How to Download and Install R and R Studio Spring 2021 - Windows Users (pdf, 4 pp)
How to Download and Install R and R Studio Spring 2021 - MAC Users (pdf, 4 pp)
Stata Users
Download and install Stata Version 16 (pdf, 3 pp)

(3) Software Tutorials
R Users
(Source: DataCamp) Quick-R (html)
Stata Users
(Source: UCLA Institute for Digital Research & Education Statistical Consulting) Stata Learning Modules (html)


(4) Probability Distribution Calculators
Normal Distribution (html)
Student t Distribution (html)
Chi Square Distribution (html)
F Distribution (html)
Binomial Distribution (html)
Poisson Distribution (html)
R & Stata Users
Fall 2019 Using Internet, R and Stata for: Normal, Student-t, Chi Square and F Distributions (pdf, 22 pp)


(5) Other Useful Resources
(Source: Nick Reich, University of Massachusetts) Data Analysis Workflow Chart (pdf, 1 pp)
(Source: Scott Emerson, University of Washington) Organizing Your Approach to Data Analysis (pdf, 17 pp)


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