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1. Review of BIOSTATS 540
2. Discrete Distributions

3. Introduction to Nonparametrics

4. Categorical Data Analysis

5. Normal Theory Regression
6. Analysis of Variance

7. Logistic Regression
8. Introduction to Survival Analysis
9. (Time permitting) Introduction to Mixed Models

3. Introduction to Nonparametrics

Scroll down for (1) BIOSTATS 640 2021 (2) Additional Readings and Videos (3) Resources for Learning R (4) Resources for Learning Stata, (5) Other (Applets, Calculators, etc.) and 6) Other Resources

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(1) BIOSTATS 640 - 2021
1.1. VIDEO (Source: Brown, Helen. Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh) Choosing Between Parametric and Nonparametrics (video, 6:00)
1.2 (Source: Tanya Hoskin, Mayo Clinic) Parametric and Nonparametric: Demystifying the Terms (pdf, 5 pp)
1.3 Lecture Notes - 2021 course notes, 3. Introduction to Nonparametrics (pdf, 47 pp)
Homework due Friday February 26, 2021 Questions (pdf, 2 pp)
SOLUTIONS to homework
R Users (pdf, 6 pp)
Stata Users (pdf, 8 pp)

(2) Additional Readings and Videos
VIDEO (Source: Roslin Institute) Choosing Between Parametric and Nonparametric (video, 5:59)
VIDEO (Source: Todd Grade) Parametric and Nonparametric Tests (video, 7:25)


(3) Resources for R Learners
3.1. (Source: R Tutorial - Nonparametrics (html)
3.2. (Source: Amherst College) Nonparametric Test Procedures Handout (pdf, 6 pp)
3.3 (Source: R Companion for Biological Sciences. Author: Salvatore S. Mangiafico) Introduction to Traditional Nonparametric Tests (html)

(4) Resources for Stata Learners
4.1. (Source: Reed College) Running Nonparametric Analyses in Stata (html)
4.2 (Source: IDRE UCLA Resources for Learning Stata) What Statistical Analysis Should I Use (html)
4.3 (Source: IDRE UCLA Resources for Learning Stata) Stata Class Notes Analyzing Data (html)

(5) Other (Applets, Calculators, etc.)

5.1 Source - Lowry, Richard - Vassarstats Website for Statistical Computation
                Visit Vassar Stats Website (html)

                 From the welcome page, scroll down to ORDINAL at left.

(6) Other Resources
6.1 (Source: Lisa Sullivan, Boston University) Introduction to Nonparametrics (html)
6.2. For the more advanced/brave (Source: Radu T Trimbitas) Nonparametrics (html)







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