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1. Review of BIOSTATS 540
2. Regression and Correlation
3. Discrete Distributions
4. Categorical Data Analysis
5. Logistic Regression
6. Introduction to Survival Analysis
7. Analysis of Variance
8. Repeated Measures Analysis
9. Nonparametrics


This page contains links to pdf versions of the BIOSTATS 640 Spring 2018 lectures and related readings.
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1 Review of BIOSTATS 540, Introductory Biostatistics 2018
Posted 1/21/2018 (pdf, 34 pp)

Regression and Correlation 2018

Posted 1/28/2018 (pdf, 62 pp)
R users download (doll_simplelinear.Rdata)
R users download (framingham_1000.Rdata)
Stata users download (doll_simplelinear.dta)
Stata Users download (framingham_1000.dta)
3 Discrete Distributions 2018
Posted 2/19/2018 (pdf, 57 pp)
4 Categorical Data Analysis 2018
Posted 2/26/2018 (pdf, 83 pp)
5 Logistic Regression 2018
Posted (pdf, 66 pp)
R Users download (vdt.Rdata)
R Users download (depress.Rdata)
Stata Users download (vdt.dta)
Stata Users download (depress.dta)
6 Introduction to Survival Analysis 2018
Posted 3/26/2018 (pdf, 58 pp)
Downlaod (unit6_page11.dta)
7 Analysis of Variance 2018
Posted 4/9/2018 (pdf, 80 pp)
R users download (pets.Rdata)
R users d ownload (ptdata.Rdata)
R users download (fishgrowth.Rdata)
Stata users download (pets.dta)
Stata users create ptdata.dta using data editor
Stata users download (fishgrowth.dta)

8 Introduction to Repeated Measures 2018
9 Introduction to Nonparametrics 2018 Posted 4/16/2018 (pdf, 47 pp)






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