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1. Review of BIOSTATS 540
2. Regression and Correlation
3. Discrete Distributions
4. Categorical Data Analysis
5. Logistic Regression
6. Introduction to Survival Analysis
7. Analysis of Variance
8. Repeated Measures Analysis
9. Nonparametrics

3. Discrete Distributions

Scroll down for (1) BIOSTATS 640 2018 (2) Additional Readings and Videos (3) Stata (4) R and (5) Other (Applets, calculators, etc.)


(1) BIOSTATS 640 - 2018
Lecture Notes - 2018 Unit 3. Discrete Distributions (pdf, 57 pp)
(Source: Fisher's Exact Test (html)
Homework due Wednesday February 28, 2018 Questions (pdf, 1 pp)
SOLUTIONS to homework R Users (pdf, 4 pp) Stata Users (pdf, 3 pp)
(For your interest) - VIDEO (Source: Daniel Gilbert, Harvard Department of Psychology TED TALK Why We Make Bad Decisions (video 33:29)

(2) Additinal Readings and Videos
(Source: JHSPH Open Course Ware Course - Statistical Reasoning I John McGready, Instructor)
Lecture 6a: Comparing Proportions Between Two Independent Populations (pdf, 22 slides)


(3) Stata Users
(Source: StataCorp LP Youtube Channel - Chuck Huber)
VIDEO: Immediate Commands in Stata - Confidence Intervals for Binomial Data (video 1:35)
(Source: StataCorp LP Youtube Channel - Chuck Huber)
VIDEO: Immediate Commands in Stata - Confidence Intervals for Poisson Data (video 2:05)
(Source: StataCorp LP Youtube Channel - Chuck Huber)
VIDEO: Pearson Chi Square and Fisher's Exact Tests (video 4:07)
How to Obtain Poisson Probabilities using pprob called by nbvargr (html)
Illustration - Discrete Distributions and Fisher's Exact test (pdf, 18 pp)
Stata Data sets - right click to download: (ers.dta) (single2x2.dta)


(4) R Users

Illustration - Discrete Distributions and Fisher's Exact test (pdf, 9 pp)



(5) Other (Applets, Calculators, etc.)
(Source: University of Michigan) Discrete Distributions: Hypergeometric, Binomial, and Poisson (html)
(Source: Vassar Statistics
Exact Binomial Probabilities Calculator (html)

(Source: Vassar Statistics) Confidence Interval of a Proportion (html)
(Source: Texas A&M) Exact Binomial Probabilities Calculator (html)
(Source: StatPages)
Exact Binomial Confidence Interval Calculator (html)

(Source: Vassar Statistics) Poisson Approximation of Binomial Probabilities Calculator (html)
(Source: Stat Trek) Poisson Probabilities Calculator (html)
(Source: StatPages)
Exact Poisson Confidence Interval Calculator (html)

Central Hypergeometric
(Source: Stat Trek) Hypergeometric DistributionProbabilities Calculator (html)
Fisher's Exact Test
(Source: Vassar Statistics Resource:) The Fisher Exact Probability Test. Beware of layout of 2x2 table - the columns are reverse order (html)
(Source: Vassar Statistics) 2x2 Table with Odds Ratio etc. (html)
(Source: SISA) Fisher's Exact Test Online (click here)
SAS Illustration
SAS for Fisher's Exact Test (pdf)














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