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1. Review of BIOSTATS 540
2. Discrete Distributions

3. Introduction to Nonparametrics

4. Categorical Data Analysis

5. Normal Theory Regression
6. Analysis of Variance

7. Logistic Regression
8. Introduction to Survival Analysis


" Technical skills, like fire, can be an admirable servant
and a dangerous master."
- A. Bradford Hill (1971)

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Spring 2022
The first week of classes is: Tuesday-Friday January 25-28, 2022

Welcome to BIOSTATS 640, Intermediate Biostatistics!
Spring 2022
Instructor: Carol Bigelow

Introduction. BIOSTATS 640 is the second of a two-semester sequence of introductory biostatistics.  Similar to BIOSTATS 540, the overall goal is statistical literacy and skills in selected, basic, analyses of biological and health data.  Topics include:  review of introductory biostatistics, selected discrete distributions, introduction to nonparametric tests, analysis of epidemiological tables, single and multiple predictor normal theory regression, logistic regression and introduction to survival analysis.  

Software.  I will be providing instruction in the use of R. No prior experience with R is required and you will not be required to use R on any examination.  In doing you work, you may use any software you like (e.g., SAS, Stata, Minitab, SPSS, etc.)  

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