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1. Summarizing Data

2. Introduction to Probability

3. Populations and Samples

4. Bernoulli and Binomal Distributions

5. Normal Distribution

6. Estimation

7. Hypothesis Testing

8. Chi Square Tests

9. Correlation/Regression


2. Introduction to Probability
(1) BIOSTATS 540 2015, (2) additional reading, (3) illustrative applets, (4) calculators (5) computer illustrations.

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(1) BIOSTATS 540 - 2015
Lecture Notes 2015 Unit 2. Introduction to Probability
Posted 9/20/15 (pdf, 53 pp)
Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative Course, Statistical Reasoning (Open and Free)
Unit 3: Probability
Module 5: Introduction (Probability) Slides #86 - 93.
Enter Course (html)
University of Florida Biostatistics Open Learning Textbook
Course 6050 & 6052
Unit 3A Probability
Enter Unit 3A Probability (html)
Homework 1 of 2 Due Monday September 28, 2015
Questions (pdf, 1 pp)
Solutions to Homework 1 of 2
Solutions (pdf, 2 pp)
Homework 2 of 2 Due Monday October 5, 2015
Questions (pdf, 4 pp)
Solutions to Homework 2 of 2
Solutions (pdf, 8 pp)
Practice Quiz - Questions
(pdf, 2 pp)
Practice Quiz - Solutions
(pdf, 3 pp)
FAQ - On Multiplication and Addition of Probabilities - When do I add and when do I multiply?
(pdf, 2 pp)

(2) Additional Reading/Videos
VIDEOS - multiple (Source: Khan Academy) Probability - Basics (html)
(Source: Regents Prep) Probability involving AND and OR (html)
(Source: Regents Prep) Conditional Probability (html)
(Source: Tversky A and Kahneman D.) Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases
(Source: Tversky A and Kahneman D.) 11. Availability: A heuristic for judging frequency and probability
(Source: StatTrek) StatTrek AP Introduction to Probability
1. Probability
2. Rules of Probability
(Source: Introduction to Probability
(Source: Statistics Help-on-line) Easy to read introduction to venn diagrams and probability
(Source: John McGready, JHSPH Statistical Reasoning II) Observational Studies, powerpoint (pdf, 21 slides)
(Source: John McGready, JHSPH Statistical Reasoning II) The Case-Control Study, powerpoint (pdf, 22 slides)
(Source: John McGready, JHSPH Statistical Reasoning I) Measures of Association, powerpoint (pdf, 34 slides)
(Source: Norman Fenton, Queen Mary University of London) One page explanation of Bayes Rule
(Source: Probability Questions with Solutions
(Source: Surfstat Australia) An Example of Bayes theorem in medical diagnostics
(Source: Frances Boreland at University of Sydney, 2005) Measures of Frequency and Association - 35 easy to read slides
VIDEO (Source: Lesson 7. Law of Total Probability 10:16 minute video
VIDEO (Source: Patrick JMT) Bayes' Theorem and Cancer Screening- 9:55 minute video
VIDEO (Source: TED Talks) Dan Gilbert -Why We Make Bad Decisions- 33 minute video

(3) Illustrative Applets
(Source: P. B. Stark, Berkeley) Venn Diagrams and Probability
(Source: David Lane and Dan Osheron, Online Statistics Education) Bayes Theorem Demonstration


(4) Calculators
(Source:  Vassar Stats) Clinical Calculator 1 - Prevalence, Sensitivity, Specificity, etc. (html)
(Source:  Vassar Stats) Clinical Calculator 2 - Predictive Values and Likelihood Ratios (html)
(Source:  Vassar Stats) Backward Probability Template - Good for Bayes Rule


(5) Computer Illustrations






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