BIOSTATS 540 - Fall 2015
Introduction to Biostatistics
Biostatistics and Epidemiology
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1. Summarizing Data

2. Introduction to Probability

3. Populations and Samples

4. Bernoulli and Binomal Distributions

5. Normal Distribution

6. Estimation

7. Hypothesis Testing

8. Chi Square Tests

9. Correlation/Regression


5. Normal Distribution
(1) BIOSTATS 540 2015, (2) additional reading, (3) illustrative applets, (4) calculators (5) computer illustrations.

(1) BIOSTATS 540 - 2015
Lecture Notes 2015 Unit 5. The Normal Distribution
Posted 10/18/2015 (pdf, 26 pp)
Carnegie Mellon OLI Course, Statistical Reasoning:
Unit 3, Module 7: Sampling Distributions.
Click on Enter course here (html)
University of Florida Biostatistics Open Learning Textbook
After clicking on HOMEPAGE at right, under 6050 & 6052
Unit 3B, Sampling Distributions
Click here for homepage (html)
Homework #7 due Monday October 26, 2015
Questions (pdf, 1 pp)
Solutions to Homework #7
Solutions (pdf, 6 pp)
Homework #8 due Monday November 2, 2015
Questions (pdf, 1 pp)
Solutions to Homework #8
Solutions (pdf, 10 pp)
Practice Quiz
Practice Quiz SOLUTIONS (pdf, 3 pp)
A Few Word Problems with Solutions
(pdf, 9 pp)
(Source:  Alka Indurkhya) -Normal Distributions Slides (pdf, 36 slides)
(Source:  Alka Indurkhya & Carol Bigelow) - In Class Practice (pdf)

(2) Additional Readings and Videos
VIDEO (Source:  i09.com) - The Central Limit Theorem Explained with Bunnies and Dragons (video, 3:39)
VIDEO (Source:  jbstatistics.com) - Introduction to the Normal Distribution (video, 5:26)
VIDEO (Source:  Khan Academy) - The Central Limit Theorem (video, 9:48)
(Source:  University of Sussex) - Introduction to the Normal Distribution (pdf, 29 slides)
(Source:  Pearson Education 2012) - Normal Probability Distributions (pdf, 105 slides)
(Source:  David Lane, Connexions) - History of Normal Distribution
(Source:  Wadsworth Cengage Learning) - Z Scores
(Source: Stat Trel AP Statistics Tutorial) Normal Distribution
(Source: Wadsworth Cengage Learning) Central Limit Theorem
(Source: Open Intro Lecture by Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel) - Normal Distribution (pdf, 28 slides)
(Source: British Medical Journal Statistics Notes Series by Douglas Altman and Martin Bland) - Normal Distribution (html)

(3) Illustrative Applets
(Source: Texas A&M) Applet for Understanding the Correspondance of X and Z-Scores
(Source: University of South Carolina) Applet for Understanding the Central Limit Theorem


(4) Calculators
(Source: David Lane, HyperStat Online) Calculator for probabilities and quantiles




(5) Computer Illustrations







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